Directed by
Mark Stevenson

After our successful re-mounting of the production for the BAC One-on-One Festival the show is now available for festivals and venue based performances.

Contact info@ampersandmedia.co.uk for details

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Who is making the headlines today?  Find out by meeting characters from this morning’s news in unique one-on-one performances.  Four to choose from, Four tents, five minutes each.  How will the news affect you?

Ampersand Media presents Headlines, a performance piece that takes place inside four separate tents. Each tent holds one actor and can admit one audience member.

The characters will be freshly drawn every day from one of the headlines in that morning’s newspapers. It could be from a broadsheet, a tabloid - nothing is decided until that very day. The audience gets to help choose which story we'll be performing, by suggesting the stories on our twitter feed. Then Ampersand’s director and professional actors have just 2 hours to create the characters behind the story and give them a live monologue. As the audiences meet these characters, they’ll have the opportunity to explore and consider the news that affects them from very different angles.

The Headlines Tents are specially commissioned from textile artist Catherine Shinerock.

A video trailer of the original show can be found here.

Help decide the story we use each day by following us on twitter.


Ian Shuttleworth (Financial Times):

“It was the interaction with the audient, singular, that made it theatre, and in particular the one-to-one nature of that interaction.  Because it depended entirely on the way one approached these encounters.  You could be almost as passive as an ordinary theatre spectator, or jump in with the performers.”

“what it forcefully demonstrated is that theatre is a transaction rather than a simple send-and-receive process.”

Audience Comments:

“Interactive theatre that engages. Started off nervous but by the end was chuckling to myself” 

“Really intense. Convincing. Great to get 4 different angles on the story. Really works – makes you think & feel: proud, angry, sad, having a laugh.”

 “Fantastically intimate experience! I liked the feeling I was part of the story. The actors were amazingly empathetic in portraying the possible characters. It was so good my contact lenses nearly fell out!”

 “This is up to date and contemporary theatre that makes you instantly think.”

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